An exciting opportunity for the Slack Platform

Today’s the day! Slack is part of Salesforce. What does this mean? We’re still the Slack you know and love — now connected to the most open and interoperable ecosystem of enterprise apps and workflows. Read on to learn more.

A transformed world of work

Over the past year, we’ve embraced the power of flexibility…

Adding a Human Engagement Layer to EDA Can Empower More People to be More Productive

Before I joined the Slack team in 2020, I was a serial entrepreneur in the low-code BPM space. In the early days of my last startup, the most important part of my day was converting…

An inside look at the apps and tools that cut through the noise of remote working

They say that one of the biggest benefits of working remotely is being able to do your work from the “peace and quiet” of your own home. …

The next generation of the Slack Platform

Steve Wood is VP of product for the developer platform at Slack. This recap is based on the Frontiers 2020 opening keynote, Transform the way you work, with Slack and Slack’s vision for the event-driven enterprise.

Yesterday Slack kicked off day one of Frontiers, the first-ever virtual edition of our…

Steve Wood

Steve Wood (@stevewoodwho) is VP Developer Platform at Slack and drives its continued success: 920k+ developers, 2,450+ integrations, 800k+ custom apps

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