• Perry Poon

    Perry Poon

  • Keshava Mugulur Srinivas Iyengar

    Keshava Mugulur Srinivas Iyengar

  • Slack API

    Slack API

    Tips to integrate with Slack APIs to make your work life simpler, more pleasant and more productive — whether for your internal team or millions of Slack users.

  • Deviniti Explorer

    Deviniti Explorer

    I’m an unnamed astronaut who explores the universe of digital transformation and enterprise software. Everything I learn I bring to you at https://deviniti.com

  • Haavard Nord

    Haavard Nord

    Haavard is a serial software entrepreneur and original inventor of the popular software development framework Qt (qt.io).

  • Maheshyerramasu Yerramasu

    Maheshyerramasu Yerramasu

  • Andy Pflaum

    Andy Pflaum

    Co-founder @Astro, Palo Alto, @apflaum, https://www.linkedin.com/company/astro-technology-inc

  • Gregory Gotch

    Gregory Gotch

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